Refund Assurance - Just Rokket

Our refund policy is geared to make the experience on Just Rokket convenient!

We cancel your pre-registration and refund the entire pre-registration amount whenever you request the same, provided that you have not used the Just Rokket voucher issued to you against the payment. This can be either:

  1. When you decide not to join an institution after getting admission into it
  2. Or when the institution, to which you had applied, decides not to confirm your selection.

You are considered to have used the voucher when you join the institution.
You are eligible for a full refund also in case you find a discrepancy between the offer selected by you on Just Rokket and that which you get from the institution. We require that that any request for cancellation of pre-registration and refund of the pre-registration amount be submitted, along with reason for the same, through your user account. The maximum period to which a refund of pre-registration amount can be applied for, through one’s user account, is till 15 days after the concerned institution’s session has started.

Note should be made of the fact that while we try to process a refund request within 15 days of its receipt, the refund process can be lengthy at times due to the fact that we have to notify the institution of your withdrawal and get confirmation from them that you did not enrol.

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