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Just Rokket is an online platform that connects students to experts – people who can give answers and advise about some specific areas. These areas could be about knowledge and experience with one’s own college, about a specific competitive exam, a specific skill or any thing else that helps the students learn and move closer to their skill and career goals.

We are looking for people who have knowledge and skills in some specific areas due to their experience. Please contact us here to reach out to us or else call us on 9990838830 and speak with us.

Experts are expected to answer queries of students on an ongoing basis.

The admission process followed by the concerned institution is the same applicable as when you would have applied directly. After the application, the institution will contact you and the necessary next steps will have to be finished including such steps like attending any further assessment steps, payment of fees (registration, etc.) and other admission process steps as are followed by the institution.

There are big differences between Just Rokket and other websites in the way we help you to connect to colleges.

  1. We are not an ‘‘information only’’ website that treats you like a lead. This means that you are able to also apply directly to the college as an ‘applicant’.
  2. We are not a site which takes your information and sells to other colleges. On Just Rokket, you apply to a college on a one on one basis meaning that your application goes only to the college you apply to. This means that you are not harassed by tele-callers calling on behalf of agents and colleges.
  3. You are able to get community perspective and feedback on the colleges. This helps you make the right decisions.

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