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Why is Just Rokket there?

Just Rokket is the first aWith a majority of population being young, India has a demographic mix that can become a source of envy or else a ticking time bomb. Unfortunately, we seem to be getting closer to the latter scenario!
The challenge of making the lives of our young people meaningful is daunting in its scale and there are hosts of people and organizations that are working to overcome this challenge. Can we make a difference in the lives of students who want to make it ?
Yes, we believe we can.
We aim is to create a community that informs, provides answers and inspires each other. And therefore enable fires of achievements to be lit.
Our mission is to help young people realize and ‘rokket’ to their potential .

What are we doing to achieve our mission?

Students and young people have a great need for guidance and counselling, faced as they are with decisions and questions that are critical for their survival as well as growth at various times. Questions about colleges, courses, skills, exams, jobs and other such decisions and insights are important to move forward.
Just Rokket connects you, the student, to people who can be your ‘Guru’ on a given query regarding these topics. They share their expertise with you in their specific fields and help you get closer to your goals.
And it is not just the advise. We get you stuff that provides the insights, information and the motivation to become more skilled and better suited for your jobs and careers.

Our Credentials

Founded in January 2017 in Gurgaon, India, by Ashish Kohli, an NIT (Allahabad) and IIM (Lucknow) alumnus with over 22 years of senior management experience across companies such as The Arvind Mills, Bausch & Lomb, Vodafone and Tata Docomo, Just Rokket has started its operations with the education hub of Delhi NCR and its surroundings.

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